View Full Version : Losing animals due to server resetting?

01-17-12, 02:27 PM
Is it only me, or is this happening to a lot of people?
I breed an animal overnight, and once I place it, the server resets and the animal is lost.
It's getting kind of frustrating, since there have been goals and completions that I have been working on, but I end up losing the animals.
Is there any solutions to fix the bug, and what do I do if it keeps continuing to happen?

kooky panda
01-17-12, 02:47 PM
There was an issue with the nursery going out of sync right after trying to place your animal, but this was fixed. I have not had any more issues with that.
Have your tried restarting your device or deleting the game and redownloading it?

If you still have issues, please see this thread http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?22600-Out-of-Sync-notification&p=207865&viewfull=1#post207865

01-29-12, 05:58 AM
When my walrus was finished breeding, I tapped to place it, got the dolphin reward, coins and xp. Then I started breeding a sugar glider. It said my farm was out of sync, then when it refreshed they were all gone. No walrus baby, no dolphin and no coins or xp. The sugar glider was still in the nursery. Frustrating 