View Full Version : Help me decide how to spend my remaining gems please

01-17-12, 04:41 AM
Hi neighbors! I only have a few gems left as I am still nervous about spending more money on this game just to have my gems "evaporate" with no recourse.

Should I get a St. Bernard (single) so I can crossbreed a St. Berdoodle? Does anyone know how to get a Long Haired Cat? Are they a cross between the Persian and the Bengal or another cat?

Which gem animal gives me the most opportunity to expand my menagerie ?

May even add a couple of gems baser on response so long as I can spend them myself before they disappear.

Thanks for the feedback!

01-17-12, 04:54 AM
Note to above to help you help me :-)

I don't want a frog that will cost me over $200 in real money. Nor will i be spending money for an imaginary dog bath so goal completion is not what I'm looking at now.

I also won't be able to continue a crossbreed that will cost more gems, so if possible, need to get a purebred dog or cat that won't cost additional gems to crossbreed.

Thanks again

01-17-12, 08:32 PM
I too wanted a St.Berdoodle. I used 7 of my (early-game free gems) to buy the St.Bernard, and then found I needed to use 7 more gems to crossbreed it with the Poodle. My St.Bernard is now just currently sitting there while I decide if I want to continue with the crossbreed. (Loney St.Bernard and lonely St.Berdoodle -or- get the St.Bernard a mate.)

To get a Longhair Cat, crossbreed the Birman with the Shorthair Cat. (It has to be in that order, or you will get an Australian Mist.)

01-18-12, 02:24 AM
Thank you! That helps ALOT! I had no idea that order made a difference, obviously (lol)

01-21-12, 05:26 PM
The St. Bernard costs 7 gems and may seem like a good purchase, but the St. Berdoodle costs 19 gems and so, if your goal is to get a St. Berdoodle, that's going to take a lot more gems than you probably have. The Longhair is a coin animal and you can crossbreed a Birman with a Shorthair to get it. The best advice would probably be to save your gems, in my opinion. Hope I helped! :D

01-22-12, 08:18 AM
If you're set on purchasing something I recommend the Bengal because you can breed it with the Shirthair for coins and it's only 7 gems... :)

01-23-12, 04:07 AM
Thanks to everyone that replied. The St. Bernard would have been the wrong purchase for sure. I bought the Bengal and was able to crossbreed it for no gems. Have to say, it was so sickly and scared looking I didn't really want it before, but this advice was very useful.

01-28-12, 07:31 PM
What does it cost after you get the pomeranian to get the pom and chi mix for the goals? Just wondering since the pomeranian is 26 gems

01-28-12, 07:33 PM
Also what does the love bird cost after getting the cockatiel