View Full Version : Night club not earning coins.

01-17-12, 01:35 AM
Hi my id for night club is mappie24 and the bug is my night club does not earn coins while I'm away. I don't get the welcome back you earn x amount while away. The only coins I get is if the music is playing but there are no drinks sales. This also happens when I go to neighbours. If I leave my nightclub running and my iPad on then the game runs fine. I have tried to uninstall re install, turn off/on and force close all had no effect. I'm playing on ipad2 lastest iOS and latest nightclub.

01-17-12, 01:46 AM
I've noticed in the last couple of days I don't always get the welcome back popup or the daily bonus popup. This is in bakery story and restaurant story; I do not play nightclub story.

The have been coin loss issues for a little over a week now in RS, BS, and Fashion. I don't recall seeing threads from Nightclub, but I don't read all the threads.

I don't know what to do other than wait for TL to release a fix. I'm losing coins also as well as a lot of players.

kooky panda
01-17-12, 04:58 AM
Thanks Mappie for starting this thread, I will add nightclub over with the rest of the games having this issue.
I have not experienced not getting the welcome back screen.

01-17-12, 02:24 PM
Make sure you're not tapping too fast while starting the game. Sometimes with excessive tapping, they will register if you tap in the right area and close the window before it shows.
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