View Full Version : Prepared Food Disappears

10-27-10, 06:22 AM
I had 5 dishes that disappeared as soon as I placed them on the counter. They were 2 day dishes. And they didn't even pay out and no exp points either.

10-27-10, 02:15 PM
I had this too, but not 5 dishes. I served one, started another, then when it reloaded it only remembered the one I had started and forgot about my chicken pot pie that I had just served. I thinknit was caused by a connection problem.

10-27-10, 07:03 PM
Whether I'm playing or not I have lost a lot of food cooking or when I just put it on the tables. I just made waffles and the seafood paella, which takes a while to cook and I served it and then I noticed my "customers" with the red faces and thought wait a minute... I have food, I just served it! Nope, they were gone!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

11-03-10, 11:29 AM
I lost a ton of food yesterday after I moved my kitchen around, but now I've noticed it happening several times. I lost a few thousand lobster dinners today alone!!! And I also noticed that if you use gifts of the same kind they can sometimes get lost too. They aren't getting added to existing meals on the counter. POOF - their gone! I think it happened with the recent upgrade.

01-25-11, 09:08 PM
Same thing happening to me. Prepared the food and served it and then looked back and customers leaving with red faces...and my counters empty. Wonder how often this will happen now?

01-26-11, 10:22 AM
I have 8 devices, stoves, ovens and grills and 28 serving counters. More than 20 counters had food on them and all but 3 cooking devices were cooking food. I started the remaining 3 devices cooking and all the prepared food on every counter disappeared.

Is it time to stop playing this game?

01-26-11, 10:59 AM
This has been happening a lot over the past few days. More than 10 gone today! Annoying when 5 dishes were day and two day cooks!

01-26-11, 11:41 PM
I had seafood paella done as well as BBQ chicken and Portebello mushrooms. I had over 25,00
Plates. Moved around my kitchen and all of my prepared food was gone. Luckily I had gifts in the reserve. I am really upset about this. It takes a really long time to
Cook paella and BBQ chicken. This is a major defect in the game.