View Full Version : Open letter to Team Lava

10-27-10, 01:16 AM
Hi Team Lava,

I'm playing City Story, Farm Story and now Restaurant Story.

I really like your games, but how can you deliver a game like
Restaurant Story with so many bugs?

I have spent several hundreds $ in Restaurant Story and got
no value for money, the Sonic items doesn't work and when
I have used instant cook, my food have disappeared into thin
air, I have got paid for the food, but all the sudden have been
a Restaurant with customers but no food.

When will you do something about the bugs, and will you refund
people the money they have spent in the game till now?

I think you really need to give us some answers before too many
start complaining to Itunes Store which will damage your other
games too and not least your reputation.

Best regards,

A unsatisfied/satisfied customer

10-27-10, 07:51 AM
Robert....MANY of us are in the same boat. I have two threads here, the one with letters to TeamLava, and, my latest one with my letter to the iTunes store.

Please read those and comment there as well.

Thank you for posting your letter here. Hopefully TeamLava will find some sense of urgency and expedite things along as far as, "fixing", things.