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10-26-10, 10:50 PM
This costed me 10 gems.
When you select something you can't afford, a popup appears saying you don't have enough money and under it to the far right there's an "Accept" button, one would think that tapping on it will close the popup window, but no, it actually buys some lousy 10k coins for 10 gems. On the same popup you can read "10,000 coins 10 gems" to the far left, which didn't make any sense since I couldn't even get the item I selected for that money + what I currently had, so I didn't think that tapping on "Accept" would actually get me 10k coins.

Anyway just a warning to those out there, tap on the X not on the Accept button.

If there's any admin reading this, would it be possible to get those gems back? I don't need the 10000 coins.
My ID is: benvinas

10-26-10, 11:22 PM
Ha! me too just lost 10 gems for this 10000k

Well hope other read and not make same mistake like me

10-29-10, 04:34 PM
hope anyone else sees this

The Unregistered one
10-30-10, 05:29 AM
Well how did you think TeamLava would make money if not scam their customers? Jeez...