View Full Version : New (to me) Cross Breed - - SPECTACLED BEAR = Skunk + Bear

01-14-12, 11:27 AM
Learned of this from a "task" assigned. Didn't record how long the cross breed takes but its about a day (24 hours). When it hatches I will try to remember to update this post with the rest of the data.

01-19-12, 05:24 PM
Can you post a picture

01-20-12, 12:07 PM
Here you go:

01-20-12, 02:46 PM
I like. Does it require gems or coins?

01-20-12, 04:17 PM
The crossbreed is a coin animal (I don't remember the cost or its breeding time :( sorry). It takes 10 hrs to collect from it. I have another 5 before I can let you know how much.

01-20-12, 05:49 PM
It's fin, thanks! I guess I'll be getting one when I get my skunk!

01-21-12, 06:46 PM
This bear is nice because it's totally for coins. The parents are coin and non-gem goal animals. The bears are coins to breed. So it's totally coin-only! Plus, it doesn't take long to breed. I forget exactly how long, but it was less than 24 hours. Or at least it was for me... maybe the time has been messed with by now.

I already completed the family and they're pretty darn cute.

01-25-12, 10:15 AM
... maybe the time has been messed with by now.

OF COURSE it has been messed with!;)
It takes 10 hrs to collect 100 coins and 4 XP.

01-25-12, 01:32 PM
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01-25-12, 01:33 PM
From Blog and I will highlight that part wait too long for orders/crops/recipes, etc. then add more time.