View Full Version : Permit as a gift

01-13-12, 10:17 PM
Can I send permits to my neighbors? How Can I get more of them?

01-13-12, 11:02 PM
Sorry we can't gift permits, when we need more permits for example expansions, click on your expansion and send requests to neighbours for more permits. Your nbrs will be able to send your requested permits back.

01-13-12, 11:49 PM
Yep as Borleycoon says. Get permits for 10 days (if lucky and all your neighbors did not quit the game by now) then expand another 2-5 days, depending on TL's brain GAS at the moment

01-14-12, 01:02 AM
In zoo story 2 you can gift the bananas, you should be able to gift permits in pet story, would be great.

03-23-12, 01:13 AM
I agree, gifting permits would be great... Especially since they can still send a request for other items needed...