View Full Version : An option to reject a goal and a list of all the steps in the beginning?

01-13-12, 10:27 AM
This goes for all the stories with goals on the side....

What about giving us the option to reject a goal? I play a lot of the stories and have fun completing the tasks given to me UNTIL they require gems to complete. Not fair to require me to buy a stupid snowman waiter for 24 gems when I would NEVER buy that silly thing to begin with. I am at the point in one of my stories that I believe just about all of my goals require gems so now that feature is null and void for me. Don't get me wrong, I have 83 gems in my Bakery (all earned, not bought), 19 in my zoo, 43 in my restaurant... and I refuse to use them for something I don't need.

I also think that the ones that require multiple steps should provide a list of what is going to be required down the line so I don't work for days only to have the final step be a gem required one. Some of the goals take me a while and that's with me having the maximum # of ovens/stoves... as I am beyond level 73 in a lot of my stories.

Thank you

01-13-12, 11:12 AM
Reject goals?

I think the underlying issue is that the goal icons are an eyesore because it's always in view and can't be removed unless you complete them all.

This would be solved if we were able to hide the icon from the main screen though. If the goals were in a submenu under the main screen I think people wouldnt have any issues with that.

01-13-12, 12:07 PM
Oh I completely agree about being able to hide them and make a submenu like the collectables but I figured that would never happen. Depending on the reward I do try and complete some of them simply because I have reached the level 4 gems for the majority of the foods, I'm bored and the goals give me something different to do. But whether hidden or not we should be able to remove a goal from the list if we have no intention of committing any time to it. Until a goal is completed, it stays on the list and won't give the option for a new one to replace it. Even the expired ones stay sitting there on the list.

01-13-12, 06:16 PM
Yes. Would love to see the. Clipboard gone and meaningless icon below it. Putting it in the menu area is a great idea.