View Full Version : Huge annoying bug, read Norman

10-26-10, 03:37 PM
Ok so pretend I get a 5 x150 bowls of stew so it's 750 stew plates and so then when I go to gifts to put it on my table and it says 750 it only puts 150 which is 1 gift of stew. So basically no matter how much of gifts of anything you get it will put only 1 gift of it.

I know how to fix it until teamlava fixes it. You must do it one buy one so aceept one gift at a time and then use it and again accept and use etc.

10-26-10, 04:02 PM
I accumulate my gifts (3000 servings) before serving. At first it will say 150 servings but I checked it again after couple of minutes and it will reset to 3000 servings. Maybe you can try this. I hope this helps.