View Full Version : Why there is no goals on my iPhone?

01-12-12, 09:32 PM
i play the Bakery Story Chirstmas version, I can see the Christmas goals on my iPad2, but nothing on my iPhone4. Why??

01-12-12, 09:35 PM
Besides, it can not show any food skill level on the iPhone.

kooky panda
01-13-12, 05:14 AM
ON the mastery, you need to be on at least level 8.
For the goals, I am not sure what level, but you have to be on a certain level, before the goals will show up.

01-13-12, 04:33 PM
You need to be level 8 to access the Mastery feature and level 10 to access the goals.
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01-04-13, 07:42 AM
What are the goals for the 12th day?

01-04-13, 12:49 PM
What are the goals for the 12th day?

If you're referring to the 12 Days of Christmas Goals for Restaurant Story, please see the main thread: http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?41567-RS-Christmas-Goals