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01-12-12, 07:56 AM
I've been keeping a list of what I've earned while away and compared it to what I had last time I was in my bakery.

It is sporadic that I get the full amount when I've been gone overnight, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. Most of the time I don't. I want to understand why this is happening, as no matter what I do it isn't getting resolved.

Just now I went to tip my neighbors and when I came back to my "home" I was told I earned 890, but instead of it being added to my coins, it was taken away. Am I being charged to tip my neighbors? I also notice this happening when I take tips from my tables. WHY?

I'm not making anything and I'm not purchasing anything from the store. The only thing I'm doing with the game is picking up tips & gifts and giving out tips & gifts. There is no reason why I shouldn't be making money and absolutely NO reason why any money should be deducted from my coin count.

I don't know who this needs to be escalated to, but I want this escalated somehow and my matter being looked into. It obviously isn't as this has been a problem for weeks.

I've already cleared cache, downloaded from market, etc....I'm not going to do that again after today as I'm getting close to my limit in allowed downloads before my provider starts charging me extra for mb over limit. Unless TL plans to compensate me to pay that part of my bill? :rolleyes:

Which is another thing I'm going to complain about, why is it we are always told to uninstall/reinstall on a constant basis???? Seriously, no game should have this many problems that the only way to fix it is to download it again. TL has some serious server issues if this is the only way a player can actually get their game to work properly.

I've emailed support and received none. I've been told on the forums that the issue has been resolved, it hasn't. What more do I have to do before it actually gets some real attention from TL?

My Motorola Bionic is up to date. I have the latest version of BS on my phone (as I just installed again this AM).

Please escalate this issue so TL will actually look into the problem and fix it.

01-12-12, 12:43 PM
This seems to be a separate issue from the one reported previously in the forums and via email. I'll be sure to send your info (along with the others encountering this problem) to the engineering team.