View Full Version : Loving the game Norman but ..........

10-26-10, 12:38 PM
Dear Norman,

I really love this game restaurant story better than farm and city. I reached level 75 on the farm and I quit and I still waiting to hit $8,000,000 on city but I quit. I guess the element of moving people attracts me however.....

I personally have spent $30 on some gems or whatever to open the magic box but you have wall decorations and floor decorations where for example you can pay for yellow wall paper with coins and yellow flooring with gems. Basically you cant have it matching unless you put out money for gems. Cant all flooring and wall paper just have a price in coins? Its the same concept with matching furniture. Can you make all flooring, wall paper, chairs, tables, and stoves be worth just money.

Im willing to shell out 28 gems for the tv, but 48 for one sonic stove is ridiculously over priced.

You guys have been making great games but make more items available to purchase with coins rather than gems. Let us use the gems for the mystery box only.

until than my restaurant will be multi colored.