View Full Version : Nothing to DO!

01-10-12, 06:45 AM
I'm starting to get really ticked at this game and the way TL has been treating it, especially changing the breeding times. It already took a really long time to breed but now the times have doubled and it's insane. Even if you were willing to pay $30 of real money to get another nest (which I am not), it would take you a very long time to breed all your animals now that the times have doubled. And since a lot of the tasks depend on breeding, it takes a long time to finish the tasks too.

Additionally, my last two expansions have taken two days each. Without more space I cannot add or crossbreed animals or buy more attractions and decorations because I have nowhere to put them.

Between waiting two days for each expansion, waiting a super long time for breeding animals, and not being able to complete tasks, either because they take gems to complete or because finishing them depends on breeding animals, I'm left with nothing to do besides gift and tour my neighbors and collect coins from animals and attractions from time to time. BORING!

TL, when you leave your players with nothing to do on their game, they are going to leave it. There need to be some major revisions to this game or I can see most people leaving it. I only started playing this game like 6 days ago, so every neighbor that has accepted my invite had to have been a current player as recently as a week ago. Already when I send out material requests to my neighbors, a lot of them never respond, and I get few gifts in a day. I think many people are leaving, and why wouldn't they???