View Full Version : YAY!! Leveled up.

01-08-12, 09:13 PM
Just jumped from level 20 to 25 here. Seems both games fixed.

01-08-12, 09:17 PM
Yay for you!

01-08-12, 09:29 PM
Same here! I'm at level 25 now, too.

01-08-12, 09:38 PM
Same here but by the time they raise the level cap to 30, I'll already be way beyond that again. It is nice to be a different level though but the game feels rather stagnant when you don't get to experience the progression of levels yourself.

My fingers are crossed that we'll get new pets to purchase for coins this week.

01-08-12, 10:36 PM
Same here...went from Level 20 to 25 but now we have to wait again for them to increase the levels. However I bought new items for my shop! Was hopping gems would go down but that didn't happen...uggg

01-09-12, 01:55 PM
Me too! I got from level 20 to level 22 :). I hope TL still keeps increasing the level caps, though.

01-09-12, 02:07 PM
I'm level 25 too, it's lovely we got some new items for our shops too. I really hope we get amazing updates, like we do in the other games.

01-09-12, 02:38 PM
I went from level 20 to 25 also, but I still can't buy gems