View Full Version : I still can't move from level 20!!

01-08-12, 01:46 PM
My bar still isn't moving from level 20. I have over 12,000 points and it doesn't show I even have a bar yet. Please fix!!! I really want to get the new items!! Uuuugggg!!

kooky panda
01-08-12, 01:57 PM
I think there may be an issue advancing past level 20. This has been reported.

01-08-12, 02:26 PM
I have the Same problem :( i wondered Why i'm soo long on lv 20

01-21-12, 02:32 PM
They recently added 5 new levels....hmm...did you try restarting your device? Deleting and reloading the game? This has been reported a lot, and so I think TL will fix it soon as long as it's a problem with the actual game. :)