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01-08-12, 09:48 AM
For the past 10 days, I have been observingthe behaviour of my Tips Counter for my Bakery which appeared to be accumulating my tips at an extremely and unusually slow rate !

From my observations, it appears that the counter is DEDUCTING the earnings I get from the food I cook - ie. the earnings that appear immediately whenever I log back into the game. I also noticed that there is about a 20 to 30-second lag before the game picks up and the counter starts ticking.

Example : Currrent Tips Counter shows 2,345,123 coins
Earnings at Log in 43,456 coins

When game picks up, it starts to add the earnings from game avatars but when I start tapping to pick up tips, the counter suddenly goes backwards and the amount deducted is the earnings at log in, thereby making it a total waste of effort and time to cook recipes to earn bonus points !

Two Fridays ago, my score was 2,345,123 coins. 10 days later (today), my score has barely moved and is only showing 2,544,145 - just barely touching 200,000.

This has got so bad that I dare not even pick up my tips anymore as this will trigger off the counter to deduct whatever amount I had earned in the interval since my last log in. No matter how I play it - be it clearing cooked recipes first or waiting for each tip to be accounted for, the counter will still deduct the earnings.

At a rate of approx 100,000 coins earned per day, I have now lost $1 million for 10 days !

Can you therefore please look into this asap as I would hate to have to stop playing the game just because of such a small technical glitch ! and having come so far! and invested in buying tons of gems from you to build the bakery!!

My Bakery name is : Baker Beez
Storm 8 ID : busybbee
Level : 91



01-08-12, 11:51 AM
I'm having those same issues busybbee and have been emailing back and forth on an open ticket with TL for over a week now with no clear answer on what the issue is or when it will be fixed. Last night, after I responded to one of their emails, I received 3 auto-generated responses and one of those was stating that my issue sounded like I was trying to transfer devices! Another stated that I had to bring my issue to the forum as they no longer would accept emails about bugs/glitches!

All of this was on an open/existing ticket I had with them.

I've finally given up and refuse to cook anymore food until what I have on my counters is gone. I'm curious to see what my coin counter does then. Right now it is holding at about 105,000 even though my earnings each time I log in show well over 60,000+ earned while I was away.

It's ridiculous.

01-09-12, 06:31 PM
Wow, I only just noticed this myself and I have no idea how long it's been going on. I had roughly 12, 017,000 that became 12,011,000 after tip collection. I've been thinking my money amount has been awfully low lately... this morning I had 12,033,000 about and wondered where it all went and if I imagined it. I guess collecting tips has been ruining me.

01-10-12, 09:06 AM
Hi all,

I just spent the last 45 minutes to type this reply , only to have it not able to send and worse, deleted ! Now I have to re-type it all over again ! Can you set your time-out to be longer, or as long as we are typing , not sign us out at all ?!!

Here's an update on my situation :

Since I have not heard from TL yet, like queentina3, I have now blocked my doors to stop all dining activity ~ so no dining, no bonus, nothing lost since there is nothing to pick up at log in time ! Or so I thought ....

Now my nbrs are still tipping, so I pick up the tips. But whoa ! The Tips counter now decides to deduct my tips as well !!!! The following is a better illustration of what happens, and oh, TL, I had to wait approx 30 sec every time after log in before the game picks up (no such problem in my Restaurant and Farm),

Example 1 : Tips from first batch are deducted .

Current Tips Counter Balance 405,007
Pick up, say 4 tips x 40 coins 160 +
New balance 405,167
Then tips counter deducts 4 tips x 40 coins 160 -
And deducts same AGAIN 160 -
Final balance 404,847 OR

Example 2 : Tips from last batch are deducted .

Current Tips Counter Balance 405,007
Pick up, say 4 tips x 40 coins 160 +
New balance 405,167
Then pick up another 10 tips very quickly 400 +
Then tips counter deducts 10 tips x 40 coins 800 -
Final balance 404, 767

This has gone on long enough and I do not enjoy playing the game anymore. It is a shame if I should quit the game now as I had recently invested more real $$ on gems to do up my bakery and I have only 5 more levels to go and was thinking of carrying on for as long as I have an interest in it.

One would have thought, TL , that you should have a ready solution of sorts by now for this kind of situation, as I notice this is a very common problem reported in this forum.

I am still awaiting your reply to my email and I hope that you can at least respond to our threads here , otherwise I would seriously stop playing Bakery and hopefully this situation does not happen to my Restaurant and Farm, otherwise I would hate to also have to stop the game play there too!

Bakery Name : Baker Beez
Storm ID : busybbee

Extremely frustrated, irritated, agitated and disappointed "Story" fan.

01-10-12, 02:30 PM
I have set my iPad at night to never auto lock and keep the game up and running all night. So it keeps collecting the money all night instead of saying you've earned xxxx while away. I will see if that works. So far last night was good. Just remember to plug it in or you Battery will be drained. I lost 81k Sunday-Monday overnight with this problem and twice last week. It just started happening to me.