View Full Version : Moving the Flooring

10-25-10, 08:56 PM
How or is it possible to move the floor that comes with restaurant story? I want to use it but can't seem to move it, does that mean I have to buy it to put it where I want it?

10-25-10, 09:22 PM
Yes you have to buy new floor and place it where you want it, they make this part a realistic thing because in real life you cannot take off the floor in your house and place them somewhere else....so thats why it works like this

10-25-10, 11:23 PM
When you place a tile over an existing one, the old tile goes to your inventory. When I wanted to adjust the pattern of my floor, I used the alternate tile and put it over the one which I would have moved if the game worked that way. When I needed the tiles I had covered over, they were in my inventory.