View Full Version : Zoo Story & Pet Shop changes are ridiculous! Everyone complain & then quit playing!

01-06-12, 02:49 PM
The changes to prices and breeding times are just ridiculous! There is no sense to be made with this move by TL! Especially changing the times and prices while your breeding one of the animals!

Like I said, everyone complain and then quit playing Zoo Story and Pet Shop until they change things back and for the better. I am sure glad I didn't purchase gems for these games!

I am also going to complain to iTunes about changing times and prices while you're already breeding! This is unfair and downright dirty pool if you ask me. iTunes also replies to emails within a few hours which is great and even credits you back for in app purchases if the game maker doesn't reply to you within a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issues or if something like this happens. So contact iTunes as well, especially if you made a purchase in these 2 games.