View Full Version : Fastest Way to Earn GOLD

01-05-12, 07:56 PM
(1) Attractions
The fastest way to earn gold from attractions is to fill your available space with ICE CREAM STANDS. They earn the most "per square" of all the attractions even if you can only collect from them fairly infrequently.

(2) Animals
Assuming you can only collect twice a day, the 20 animals that give the most gold are
* Orangutan
* Flying Monkey
* African Wild Dog
* Giant Anteater
* Rhino
* Gray Wolf
* Tasmanian Wolf
* Civet
* Puffin
* Harp Seal
* Capuchin Monkey
* Polar Bear
* Caribou
* Walrus
- Tree Frog
- Fennec Fox
- Capybara
- Ringtail Lemur
- Giraffe
- Penguin

If you have a LOT of time to play the game all day long, then the best animals for gold are:
- Bear
- Elephant
- Lion
- Rhino
- Hippo
- Hyena
- Bottlenose Dolphin
- Kangaroo
- Tasmanian Wolf
- Crocodile

Since 9 ice cream stands fit into the same space as 1 animal habitat, which earns more if you have to choose between the two? Well, how many animals do you have in the habitat(s) we're comparing? Is the habitat upgraded, once or twice? It is highly dependent on the # of animals and the collection frequency. However, as a general rule the animals marked with * above are better than ice cream stands. Conversely, ice cream stands are better than the remaining animals, if gold is all you lust for.