View Full Version : Fastest Way to Earn XP

01-05-12, 07:28 PM
To level up the fastest, you can

(1) Collect very very often, using these animals:
- Elephant
- Lion
- Bear
- Peacock (gems)
- Arabian Horse (gems)
- Bottlenose Dolphin
- Hippo
- Camel
They "reset" the fastest so they earn you the most IF you are "in" the game a LOT to collect & nurture.

or (2) If you don't have as much time to sit there and watch/tap the screen, you can use these animals which give good XP over a fairly long period of time:
- Rhino
- Harp Seal
- Giant Anteater
- Panther (gems)
- Lunar Dragon (gems)
- Puffin
- Civet
- Flying Monkey
- Owl (gems)
- Dingo (gems)
- Flamingo (gems)
- Vampire Bat (gems)
- Wombat (gems)
- Big Horned Sheep

So which is better, (1) or (2) ? That depends on how you play Zoo Story 2 ... !

Now, let's assume you can play twice a day, every 12 hours. These are the animals that earn you the most XP for playing twice a day. All of these cost no gems, and if you have a space limitation are listed in order...
- Rhino
- Harp Seal
- Giant Anteater
- Puffin
- Civet
- Flying Monkey
- Hyena
- Capuchin Monkey
- Okapi
- Big Horned Sheep

If you are at early levels and don't have some of these animals yet, or if you have more space, here are the next 10 on the list:
- Bottlenose Dolphin
- Iguana
- Polar Bear
- Buffalo
- Gray Wolf
- Horned Toad
- Zebra
- Capybara
- Tiger
- Penguin

And then the next 10
- Harpy Eagle
- Sea Lion
- Ringtail Lemur
- African Wild Dog
- Giraffe
- Tasmanian Devil
- Caribou
- Ostrich
- Sugar Glider
- Walrus

Prioritize filling your zoo with these animals, to gain the most XP and level up the fastest.