View Full Version : Refund or update please.

01-04-12, 07:19 AM
I have never recieved any ingame quest/goal and I have purchased the candy machine ( I also have the marzipan machine..that only makes 1 recipie) it wants me to accomplish goals in order to unlock the recipie...I have none...are you guys going to refund us so we can purchase other cooking devices that do work? :mad:
King regards,

I did read the forums, I just have not seen any response other than people are getting updates at different times...okay great, for me that isn't a problem...so long as I will get the same opertunity as everyone else has had for the last couple of weeks to complete goals...if not please refund us.

01-04-12, 07:57 AM
I don't know what you mean by "refund".

Christmas content will be removed from January, 13th, but check your game version.

Also, what device are you on?