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01-03-12, 08:20 PM
Storm ID: *elliho
Boutique Name: *TtaChe Boutique
Level: 50
I don't understand why I am doing the goals. *Twice I have gotten my gems up above 20 to purchase something nice and then they get swiped off by *'have this finished automatically for gems'. And I didn't even touch it. Now I've done everything on the goals and I'm at ASK for everything because when I ask it tells me I have already asked. *I waited 24 hrs. Said I already asked. **I waited 48 hours and just asked one close friend and it told me I already asked. What is the sense of building them up anyway when they get swiped off without even being touched **I don't like goals if u can't finish them. I don't like collecting gems if u can't use them before they get used on useless finishing the items. That should have an undo button for when that swipes itself. And it has done it several times on me. The first time I lost over 20 hard earned gems. And the second time I lost close to 30 gems. I don't get it. I love the game but I'm ready to quit the goals and quit saving up gems. Thanks for listening!