View Full Version : My gems are lost !

01-03-12, 07:41 PM
I purchased an ornament to complete my quest for 5 gems then a few moment later, it went disconnected and when I get back to the game, my 5 gems were gone and that ornament was gone as well !! Is it possible for me to get back the 5 gems! :(( thank you so much!! My Storm8 is delucax

01-03-12, 08:05 PM
you cannot get back the gems but if your ornaments are indeed gone, you can email TL support and they will look into it and they should be able to restore the ornaments for you if they had a record that it was where you spend your 5 gems.

01-03-12, 10:36 PM
Ha, cuz the support at TL is so top notch!