View Full Version : This can not be right!!!!

10-24-10, 07:05 PM
I spent a lot of gems this evening to prepare food instantly,
so I would have enough for the night.
I have 34 seats in my restaurant and 14 counters with food.
I had around 30,000 portions of food and 4 hours later they
were all gone!!!!
That is 7,500 portions per hour or 127 portions per minute
meaning that every seat in my restaurant should order a new
portion every 3 seconds!!!

Please Reply to this, one of the supporters from Team Lava,
I feel cheated also because I have bought Sonic Oven and Stove
and the issue regarding them have still NOT been solve.

Hope I get a reply fast otherwise I have to go to Itunes Store
with my complaint because as I see it, you take peoples money
without delivering the goods!!!!