View Full Version : How often can we request items?

12-31-11, 07:43 AM
Sometimes when I try to request items from neighbors it tells me I can't because I've already sent requests "today". I had just woken up and I know for a fact that I was not sleep requesting. The last time I had sent a request was the morning before but maybe not a full 24 hours. So is it a 24 hour cycle?

Also, sometimes I will request one item from 1/2 my neighbors and another item from the other 1/2 by checking or unchecking the respective boxes - but a few times I've been denied that second request even after a full 24 hours. Seems temperamental.

It would be really nice if there was some way to keep track of the requests we've made - which item, from whom and what time (or at least how long until we can make another request).

kooky panda
12-31-11, 07:52 AM
You do have to wait a full 24 hrs before requesting items.