View Full Version : Hi I started playing a few days ago and I have a question. :)

12-30-11, 07:31 PM
Hey everyone. :D

I joined really recently but I signed up for forums about 5 minutes ago! :p

I just have a question:

I am fairly new to Team Lava games and I found out if you download their other games you get rewards. I live expanding my club but didn't know about the tab, and only knew of the arrows. I used cash to expand but then it started charging 20 cash, and I only have 16. I didnt know that I could automatically buy the largest size with cash, and really wish I had! But is it too late now? I can't get any more from download the games but I don't want to spend out when i only need 4.

I have 4 chairs that cost 1 cash each. If I sold them, would I get 1 cash or would it give me coins? And is there any other way of getting free cash?

Thank you very much for reading. These forums seem great I really like it here. :D

12-30-11, 08:29 PM
If you sell an item bought with cash or gems you will only get coins back for it. Very few coins. You never get back cc or gems for selling.

You will not get a reward for downloading other games even if it says you will. Apple doesn't allow that anymore.

I can't answer your other questions though, I don't play night club.


12-30-11, 10:56 PM
the only way u can get cash is by making drink. every drink when they reach level 2 and level 4, u will get 1 cash.

12-30-11, 11:02 PM
Also you can't expand to the maximum on the first shot, you have to buy them one by one. I know the tabs are all there but it won't let you�� You have to expand one by one��with cc or coins!!