View Full Version : prices are nutty here, are you employing?

10-24-10, 03:08 PM
why does it cost around 6 GBP for a single sonic appliance, I could get a real life pizza or kebab, several cupcakes or omlettes for that, or even a good book that wont be taken from me at a moments notice because it isnt supported by some one elses equipment any more.

I could bite if the prices are realistic but this is unforgivable as it stands, game is awsome as it is for free and I would love to splash some cash, but NOT at this level.

Either that or I would love to be a company employee, I finish my final year of uni in may and you guys must be paid incredible wages from what you are charging, if people are buying it.

The companies NET profit must be huge, wouldnt take expensive server power to do what you are doing, I think its working well for you :)