View Full Version : Nightclub Weekly Update 12-30

kooky panda
12-30-11, 08:40 AM
Hopefully we see this new drink today in Nightclub.


The New Year Bubbly, a new drink coming soon for Nightclub Story!
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12-30-11, 01:34 PM
Cute. I'm loving the Xmas decorations on all the games I play though I've been very disappointed with the Xmas stuff in nightclub. Not much to choose from, no xmas wallpaper, floor tiles (not the dance tiles), not much in the way of decoration. Rather disappointing. Though Nightclub usually doesn't get that great of updates anyways which is why I very seldom buy cc for it and why it's not my favourite game. I think it's heading in the same direction as Treasure, empire and zoo 1 sadly.