View Full Version : Drink meter...please modify!

12-29-11, 01:19 AM
I love this game and all but I really hope you guys would add this feature:

So you know how there are 4 levels of mastering the drinks, but every time it gets close to mastering the last level, the meter looks like its full but in actuality it's not. I just really wish there's a way (say a check mark for example) that would indicates the drink is mastered so that I can move on to make other drinks.

Another thing that got me was I was trying to save up club cash so I can unlocked stuff that you can't find within the store. Little did I know that it only unlocked one item. I mean seriously, I'm a starving student and not gonna spend real money on a game but when I bought the chest, I assume there were a selection of items to choose from that maybe you can buy with coins and club cash. It IS called a chest, so it would make sense if there's a selection of stuff in there to choose from!