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12-27-11, 08:05 AM
Recently, I expanded my boutique since then I can't add any more floor tiles, every time I do it crashes or the force close option comes up. Please help :confused:

kooky panda
12-27-11, 08:18 AM
Try restarting your device. If still issues, delete the game and redownload from the app store.

If you are still having issues, please advise your device(its version) the version of the game you are playing. (under help menu in the game)

12-27-11, 08:42 AM
If I delete the game will I lose my levels or progress?

12-27-11, 08:44 AM
If I delete the game will I lose my levels or progress?

No your game is saved on TL's servers.

12-27-11, 09:44 AM
Ok thanks guys.

12-28-11, 07:15 AM
Hi there,

Wanted to know why is the fashion story keeps closing every minute. It keeps going out of sync. The goals show progress but when I manage to get 2 min w/o sync error.... There is actually no progress indicated & it goes "darn" again.
I understand there are issues with sending requests too as its been a week and am still stuck by "one" ornament/rsvp/tiara. Can't believe that as I know my neighbours are sending.

It's now become impossible to play coz it goes out of sync immediately within a span of 30-40 seconds.

To inform you I play on iPhone 4 with the most recent iOS update. Have tried deleting & reinstalling but nothing works.

It's the same story with restaurant, bakery & farm.

Feel helpless. Want to complete goals whatever is left, but now it seems a Herculean task. Before I lost on previous goals like friend's wedding etc as at that time the update came & then disappeared for weeks. Now that it is finally there, another problem has cropped.

Is there any way out Kooky????? Please


12-28-11, 08:35 AM
I'm so sorry to hear you're having these issues with your games, I'm not sure if you've tried restarting your device, or tried syncing your iPhone. Are you having any issues with non TL apps? Sometimes memory issues can affect too.
If the problems persist, you could either report to CM or email support@teamlava.com including your storm8 ID and which games the issues are affecting. Also include which device, device version and game versions played on. I really hope it's resolved for you as soon as is possible.

12-28-11, 01:30 PM
For gifting/request issues, delete both the normal and Christmas version from your device. Then install only one version, either the normal or Christmas, but not both. Send your requests again and it should work.
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12-28-11, 08:13 PM
Thank you for your support & advise. Have sent an email to them. Let's hope for the best.

12-29-11, 04:27 AM
Great!!! Got an automated reply that does not help at all.
I guess I will just need to have loads of patience n keep playing!!