View Full Version : Pop ups

12-26-11, 06:45 PM
I really enjoy playing my two games..Bakery & Fashion, but what really irritates me is that every time I go into the games, I get all of these pop ups to download other TL games. I have to close out of them every time. If I want to play these other games I WILL download them believe me. I don't have to have these annoying pop ups reminding me they are out there. Actually if you think I will because they pop up on my screen or a customer walks around with a hamburger on its head..It's a huge turn off.....Makes me even want to not play the ones I am now. PLEASE get rid of those annoying pop ups. :(

12-26-11, 07:28 PM
I agree that the pop-ups are so annoying that they prompt me to stop playing not to buy other games.