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12-26-11, 04:17 PM
i received requests from neighbors for treats, special treats or nursery volunteers. i go to gift them and, surprise, none of those are there, just cushions (that, for some reason, has a picture of a rope) and pebbles, etc. is this a glitch or am i just not a high enough level to unlock gifts? i have this "unavailable gift" problem in bakery story and restaurant story as well. :/

12-26-11, 04:39 PM
You don't gift them, you have to accept the request they sent you.

When you see the request, there's 2 buttons next to it: Accept and Decline. It's nicer to accept their request so they get that item and it counts towards the goal they are working to complete.

It's just like with permits for expansion, you have to ask neighbors to send them to you by requesting the permit and then accept your request. They can't gift you permits ( that would be nice since in Zoo 2 we can gift bananas which are the required item for expansion).

12-26-11, 05:29 PM
wait.. so ALL i have to do is click 'accept', and they automatically get it? really?! oh my gosh, thank you soo much! ugh, now i feel horrible for declining all those people. i had no idea all you had to do was just press 'accept'.. *feels dumb*

12-26-11, 11:21 PM
Well, it's just like when you receive a gift or neighbor invite. If you accept, you get it. If you decline you don't.

While they can see who sent them a gift and who accepted their invite, they don't know which neighbors are sending them the item(s) they requested. I created a thread in general discussions asking if that is a possible feature to add.

01-21-12, 02:42 PM
When a neighbor requests an item and it shows up on your News, just hit Accept. You'll send them the item at no cost for you! :) The other items in the actual gift section are regular gifts you can send neighbors whenever. The others are request-only. Hope I helped! :)