View Full Version : Pls don't auto check our neighbors' request boxes

12-25-11, 09:41 AM
Dear teamlava,
I play Restaurant, fashion story, bakery story and I love them. But it's becoming a nuisance that everytime I request a neighbor's help, a list of them appears with ALL the boxes checked. My friends who also play these games don't understand the purpose behind this. Because we would need to uncheck 40 neighbors just to request help from two. There are now do many goals to complete with lots of requests needed. We are really really tired of doing all the unchecking.
I'm sure u meant well to help out but pls let US do the checking.

We noticed that you've singled out neighbors who haven't received gifts when we hit the GIFT BUTTON. Can you not do the same for neighbors we've already made requests??

Thank you!! We really hope this can be improved ASAP!!
Merry X'mas!!!

12-25-11, 10:06 AM
Thank you for posting this! Although, I have to point out that when you say they've singled out the neighbors who haven't received gifts yet, they still show the button to "gift back" light up even though it says you can't send right now because they've received the max or you've already sent one to them.

It would be nice for them to also work on that because those take up room in the news feed and I'm constantly having the "jump" in the server where I scrolled down and then it scrolls me back up.