View Full Version : Not enjoying the Xmas verson.

12-24-11, 10:10 AM
I gave my rating on the App Store but I wanted to express it here too. (Well in a different way.) I quit playing several months ago because there was very little I could do without spending real money. Lots of real money. I came back about 10 days ago to check out the Christmas version.

I have played a lot and gotten two Christmas recipes and now it is Christmas eve! I got a stove that won't cook the gingerbread cake. I can't get the items for the goals because for some reason my neighbors don't seem to send my requests. If I were to spend $16.00 right now, I could get two more recipes, I think.

Now I read today that Teamlava will leave the goals up until Jan 13th. But why do I want to cook Christmas recipes in January? I really feel for the customers who have been at it since the Christmas version came out!

I'm pretty much worn out from all the game companies who want LOTS of money to play their games. I know TeamLava isn't the only one. I started Snoopy's Street Fair recently and it takes about $90 to come close to playing the full game.

What do you get when you spend that money? Digital images that can only be used within the game! That's about as close to nothing as can be measured.

I hope TeamLava is listening because I'm getting tired of starting new games and seeing it come to the same end over and over. In all the games I once played, most of my neighbors have moved on too.

I hope you can find another way to make a living without trying to make $50-150 off each customer. You know that's too much money for an iPhone game, right?