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12-22-11, 02:49 PM
Anyone else incredibly annoyed that after spending days and coins doing all the tasks in the goal to unlock the Lunar Dragon it then costs 21 gems to buy another? and I assume another 42 gems if I wanted to breed and complete the family.

If something doesn't change I think I'm going to quit Zoo Story 2. I refuse to buy gems for this game as it just feels like Team Lava is taking advantage of people willing to buy gems and it isn't that fun a game to play (or impossible to buy or breed half the animals) if you don't buy them.

I think Bakery and Restaurant story are the best games in regard to gems. Only decorations and mystery boxes cost gems and you can still cook all the recipes without needing to pay.

12-22-11, 02:55 PM
You do not need to buy gems. They are simply for premium items. The games can be enjoyed without buying anything (I am testimony to that).

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12-22-11, 03:41 PM
I too thought the game was enjoyable in parts. It's just very annoying and frustrating when you put in time and effort to try unlock an animal in the goals (since I already have all the animals I can have until I level up or buy gems) and after finally unlocking the Lunar Dragon I discover it costs gems.

Yes, I have one but I don't like having one animal sitting alone, would much rather have a family, so in my inventory it shall live.

12-26-11, 05:19 PM
Thx for this post, Miquilis, I won't put in all that effort for the lunar dragon anymore. I also think there r too many animals n crossbreeds in this game that require gems.

12-26-11, 05:29 PM
Just as bad as when you spend time and requests to unlock first 2-3 parts of a goal only to find the last part requires you to spend gems (usually at least 40 ) to finish off the goal. And leaves you with only one of the Gem animal required to breed etc for that final part of goal. Then you spent gems and only have option to put it in storage, leave it lonely or Spend more gems to complete set.

12-27-11, 10:02 AM
Yes, the goals are pretty much nothing but frustration.

12-27-11, 10:41 AM
You do not need to buy gems. They are simply for premium items. The games can be enjoyed without buying anything (I am testimony to that).

I only played ZS2 briefly but I don't believe it's the same case for ZS2 compared to RS or BS.

In RS and BS the main content of the game is progressing through mastering recipes and getting additional appliances to prepare food on. That already gives a big chunk of stuff to do for players as they manage their time making food, decorating their restaurants/bakeries etc. It's good for a couple months until you have everything completed. You also collect 2 gems per mastered recipe which does add up to a decent amount.

In ZS2 the content is collecting and breeding animals.. many of which cost a significant number of gems to do anything with. Imagine if recipes in RS/BS cost gems to complete. It wouldn't be a very fun game...

ZS2 looks like an experiment by TL to push the boundaries of what players are willing to spend to play. It seems like to do anything you need to drop some serious dough ($$$).

12-27-11, 11:26 AM
I agree with ultrafrog.

The goals are particularly frustrating because the ones you can't do because you can't afford to buy the required amount of gems (which in some cases is a huge amount, like the 149 gem border collie that you must buy four times to unlock the tree frog that you need to complete a goal), stay up and block other goals from being available. So the ones you can't do end up blocking you from doing the ones you coud do. Very unfair, in my opinion.

12-29-11, 04:32 AM
All the goals I have currently on my goal list require gems —

On the final stage of unlocking a baboon and it requires buying 3 silverback gorillas (after I wasted 1 gem to skip buying a pizza parlour).

Unlock a puma requires buying jaguars and snow leopards.

There's a goal to breed a griffon to earn 10 gems but costs 35 gems to complete.

A goal to cross breed a bear and kangaroo which costs 9 gems.

And a goal to crossbread a minotaur which I assume will costs gems but I haven't saved up the 1,000,000+ it costs to buy a big-horned sheep.

Team Lava really needs to re-address how many aspects require gems in this game and introduce a way to earn gems. And I don't think mastery would even be enough considering the high gem price of everything.

12-29-11, 07:26 AM
Yeah, I only have one goal that I can do, and the rest are impossible. If the one goal is replaced y one that requires gems, that will be the end of goals for me, since all slots will be blocked and if here are any new goals left, I will never see them.

12-29-11, 09:58 AM
Well I guess I can stop working on the dragon goal now lol. I don't want just one and will not spend real money on this story game as well as Pet Story. Prices are just plain crazy and besides that I don't mind the zoo and pet story games but don't like them anywhere near well enough to spend real money on them.

12-29-11, 11:07 AM
I think the worst part about the lunar dragons is that the art is fuzzy compared to the other animals.

03-24-12, 05:57 PM
yes, I was quite annoyed when I tried to buy it a mate...

04-02-12, 05:47 PM
In my zoo, I have never once bought gems and I still have lots of adorable animals. The only gem animals in my zoo are the lunar dragon (goal) and 1 jaguar (which I bought with original gems that came with the game). I think gems are for people who really enjoy the game, and if they choose to buy gems, they have more options.

For some other TL Games it differs, but in Zoo Story 2 I feel gems aren't necessary to enjoy the game. For goals, I have about 7 goals that require gems, and I just ignore them. It's no big deal for me if I don't get 200 coins and 20 XP for buying new gem attractions and animals. And for multi-step goals to receive an animal: one new animal isn't going to make or break your zoo.

So for me, I'll never really buy gems unless it's with a gift card. Personally, I am not mad at TL for charging people for gems. It's time to face reality: the goal of a business is to make money while making quality products, and TeamLava is a business. As long as they have a good amount of animals for coins, I am very pleased with this game and I enjoy it greatly.