View Full Version : All served food dissapeared

10-23-10, 08:26 AM
I prepared tons of food and suddenly all disappeared!!! Where did it go??

10-23-10, 03:27 PM
In my belly. Those cupcakes and buritos were delicious.

10-24-10, 05:41 AM
This happened to me also. I had about 3000 of each food type on like 12 counters!! And all my food disappeared! I spent all that time preparing and all the food is gone.

10-25-10, 03:33 AM
Me too - many many times. Thousands of food items gone in under 5 minutes - not cool :P

10-25-10, 04:51 AM
Angry This can not be right!!!!

I spent a lot of gems this evening to prepare food instantly,
so I would have enough for the night.
I have 34 seats in my restaurant and 14 counters with food.
I had around 30,000 portions of food and 4 hours later they
were all gone!!!!
That is 7,500 portions per hour or 127 portions per minute
meaning that every seat in my restaurant should order a new
portion every 3 seconds!!!

Please Reply to this, one of the supporters from Team Lava,
I feel cheated also because I have bought Sonic Oven and Stove
and the issue regarding them have still NOT been solve.

Hope I get a reply fast otherwise I have to go to Itunes Store
with my complaint because as I see it, you take peoples money
without delivering the goods!!!!

10-25-10, 06:24 PM
This game would be perfect if these bugs get fixed. The game is good now, but fixing would make a lot of people happier.

I am also getting disappearing food. I 'close' the restaurant to make food during the day, so that in the night when I am asleep, the restaurant will open and food will be served. But after removing the item from the doorway, a few minutes later, when I go to check how the RS is doing, the food is all gone!

10-25-10, 10:58 PM
3 times today as well as all my gifts today !!!!! and twice last night!!!! I am out of sync I come back and everything served is gone and i get about 1/4 of the money!!!!!!! hmmmm not too pleased with this bug kinda kills the whole reason for playing it!

10-26-10, 12:25 AM
I also lost food, the game flashed up a message saying my Internet connection has been lost, which
It hadn't. And lost all the food i had prepared over night. Not happy,
I'm thinking of not playing anymore. I hope someone reads
All these comments and fixes the bug as it's bloody annoying

10-26-10, 05:37 AM
Same thing happened to me. I cooked tons of food over night I served it all. Then I came back to the game 5 minutes later and it's ALL GONE!

I had all my counters filled. WHATS GOING ON???

10-26-10, 05:56 AM
I been having the same issues. My food will just finish, I put it out, the games crashes, I log back in and the food is gone... BIG BUMMER... The game also crashes like every 5 mins on me.... This is the only game I have ever had this happen with and its by far my favorite game!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

10-26-10, 10:20 AM
This just happened to me too!!! Here's the email I reported to Teamlava.....

Hi teamlava,

First I want to say I LOVE your games & I'm a regular at FS, CS and now RS! *I also spend a good amount of "real" money on your games. I was sooo excited to start your new game RS!

However today there was a big problem with my food supply... This morning I prepared my food from overnight & placed it on the counters then started to cook new batches of food for the day. 5 (five) minutes later I returned to my restaurant and thousands of food items were GONE and most of my counters were empty - I have 14 food counters!!! It took me 5 days to stock up all of that food, 14 different food items and thousands per dish (I had accumulated between 3,000 to 6,000 plates for each food item on my counters).

So then I placed "gift" food items on my counters (to make up for my food supply loss) and when I returned 10 (ten) minutes later most of that was gone too! Example: I had over 10,000 stew plates as gifts and within 10 minutes only 150 stew plates were left!

Do you know why this happened & can you please fix it? All of my hard work is now gone and I don't want to start over again ~ I have blocked my restaurant door enterance so as to keep my remaining food supply (hopefully) and I won't reopen my restaurant until this is fixed.

Please help!!! I truly appreciate your assistance & response.
Thank you!

10-26-10, 04:14 PM
I been having the same issues. My food will just finish, I put it out, the games crashes, I log back in and the food is gone... BIG BUMMER... The game also crashes like every 5 mins on me.... This is the only game I have ever had this happen with and its by far my favorite game!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

Same EXACT thing happened to me today after the first time I ever made Chicken Pot Pies... what a waste of time. :(

10-26-10, 06:09 PM
Me too I have lost lots of food too, I am new, so I diodnt know what I did wrong! It is really frustrating

disappearing act
10-26-10, 10:23 PM
Aww c'mon with the disappearing food.

Had all my food laid out on 16 counters all filled with over 3000 servings and some 7000. Went to open restaurant, waited till my rating went to 15 and exited to the home screen. Few minutes later after went to check on the Restaurant, All food types went missing, empty counters, no increase in money.

Please fix and come out with an update soon. It's very frustrating to work on preparing food for the whole day and then not having anything to serve in the night because of disappearing food.

Thank you

10-26-10, 11:23 PM
I posted something here:


It's my tongue-in-cheek "thank you" note to the developing team on this issue.

10-27-10, 05:43 AM
Happened to me too this morning. All the food that I prepared the wbile night gone in seconds. I feel cheated.. And this is my favorite game of the three.. :(