View Full Version : Feedback on a couple of issues.

12-21-11, 02:26 PM
1. Just like in Pet Shop, it is extremely hard to see the sparkles. I play on an iPad and even with the large screen I find myself just clicking blindly. In the Pet Shop feedback forum I suggested slightly dimming the unplayed exhibits (like in Treasure Story).

2. The ads take up way too much screen area. Especially the ad smack in the middle of the Social tab! That's just terrible. The banner ad not only covers most of that screen, but it makes visiting other zoos even more of a chore than usual. We already had a hard time with the constantly reloading neighbor lists, but now there's a huge ad covering most of the screen, too? I don't appreciate the little buttons for the other games, either. The ones on the bottom of the screen. They just take up too much space, and we already have the drop-down menu to see them, so why have them there at all?

3. The buttons for receiving gifts, accepting neighbors, and accepting requests are out of order. Gifts are accept/reject, while the others are reject/accept. It is way too easy to click the wrong button, especially when you hit a bit of lag. The buttons should all be in the same order.

4. Why are our installed games (including Pet Shop and Zoo) showing up on the bottom of the drop-down list, under the games we don't have installed? This should be fixed for easier access.

12-21-11, 02:33 PM
1-I like the suggestion of making it like TS;).
2-Agreed, but if you download the game, and run it once, that normally does it:).
3-I hope that's changed soon too
4-I think they were probably just hurriedly added, or maybe they want you to download the other games.

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