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12-20-11, 12:54 PM
Last night around midnight, I hit level 18 and got the Capybara task, which we were given only 19 hours to complete to get the reward. I already had started breeding a walrus, which wasn't due until after 2 pm today. It took over 2 hrs for the enclosure for the Capybaras to be completed, and each Capybara takes 6 hrs to breed. So, 12 hrs for breeding, 2+ for the enclosure already eats up 14 hrs of that time leaving less than 5 hrs to request the 2 tropical trees from neighbors, and get them. Since I had just made a request from neighbors right before the task popped up, I couldn't make another for 24 hrs, making it impossible for me to complete the task without at minimum 10 gems. Since I had a walrus breeding that I couldn't cancel, would have been another 10 gems to skip that too = 20 gems to skip it all and complete the task to get the reward.

A similar thing happened to me in Pet Story, already had something breeding when the dalmation task popped up, so I couldn't finish that task either.

If you're gonna make timed tasks, at least give us a fighting chance to complete them! More like 2 days, esp if the task calls for asking from things from neighbors to complete it.

Personally, I don't think timed tasks should be given until you give us the ability to cancel whatever we are breeding so that we can work on the new timed task.

The timed tasks have good rewards, and I'd like to earn them. Sadly, I've missed out on both the timed tasks given in PS and ZS2 so far because of the lack of ability to cancel breeding. Also, if a timed task is less than 24 hrs, how bout letting us request materials from neighbors once every 12 hrs, because if we have already made an item request from neighbors, it makes it impossible for the task to be completed on time.


12-20-11, 01:53 PM
Some People used gems to get to the last rank fast, then complained so I think they made it to point that most won't play anymore. Sorry if I don't know if my Doggie in the window was due in 2 days now when was supposed to be 4hrs and I got bored waiting. And Tl's answer TL.