View Full Version : That stupid goldfish breeding,,...please fix!

12-17-11, 10:36 PM
Omg I had finally bred a goldfish today after getting trapped into three days ago. So I was trying to breed Some other quick animals to get caught up with Goals and clicked to breed a birhma and went back a couple minutes later to check since it says it takes five minutes and all of a sudden it starts breeding a GOLDFISH again for another three %^}>% days! It didn't breed the birmah it Charged me for and now I can't cancel. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee add a cancel button or fix where we are not trapped into the stupid goldfish. This is just crazy and makes this game not fun when this happens..

12-18-11, 12:04 AM
I too would love a cancel button, brilliant suggestion it would help so many players.

12-18-11, 10:02 AM
I too am stuck breeding a goldfish because of a lag in the game. When it finally caught up, it thought I wanted to breed a goldfish! All the other Story games allow for a cancel except the new Pet and Zoo2. Please add a cancel button quick! Thank you.

12-20-11, 10:34 PM
yes, I was stuck with the goldfish the 1st time I played too....

12-22-11, 02:52 AM
I'm confused as to how you are all getting "trapped"?

See, you have to press the animal. Then you have to press the breed button and THEN you get a screen that shows how much it will cost AND how long it will take. Then you can choose to breed it or else hit the "x". I've done this tons of times to see which animals take the least time. I've never gotten "trapped".

12-25-11, 07:48 AM
the box turtle owns the goldfish hands down. It takes 7 days to breed -.-

12-25-11, 07:51 AM
the box turtle owns the goldfish hands down. It takes 7 days to breed -.-

Sheesh I'll wait til I have completed all of my other families before I breed that one. O.o

(and no Christmas sale today!! I'm so shocked, lol!!)