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12-17-11, 02:19 AM
I got a notification about the update this morning, containing the fireplace oven and new recipies, however, there's nothing showing in my appliciances tab....:( I restarted my device, uninstalled and installed bakery story again, but nothing......:(

I also see lots of new stuff at my neighbors, like the candy cane chairs & tables,Christmas content, eg the green snowflake tiles, but again, none of this in my Bakery.......

The only thing I've got are all these new recipies which are locked and will be unlocked by a goal?? Which goal??

Am i missing something here:confused:?? Can someone please enlighten me??

I'm on IOS 5, Bakery version 1.4

Thanks in advance!

12-17-11, 05:25 AM
Try reinstall again, I got goals this morning so you may have done installed before update.

12-17-11, 05:47 AM
make sure you are running the Christmas version...all those things are in there. It's in the app store.
If you are on iPad, the new goals came out this morning, but you have to download the fix in iTunes.

12-17-11, 05:50 AM
I mean the fix is an app store update...sorry.

12-19-11, 04:02 AM
Thanks bager8 and cazella10, after reinstalling, i've got the Christmas items and the fireplace oven.

12-19-11, 04:04 AM
Sorry i meant, badger8 :-) I'm a happy baker now, now I only have to finish the goals :)