View Full Version : [Passionate Player Suggestion] More Breeding slots ---- Not with Gems but level ups

12-16-11, 02:59 AM
As a player of all story series, I spent a lot of time and energy on TL's products. So do my friends. We really love the games ---- keep an keen eye on what's new, discover the best of the game, follow every change of TL.
I believe a huge number of TL game fans have same issue about Gems. We play for fun, earn gems by daily level up and achievements. But it is too hard for a regular player to earn gems, multiple goals and other achievements should be encouraged by Gems earning.
Quit recently, a change that animals upgrade can be reached with coins is really considerate and I sincerely love that. Here is some advises that may improve the game experience:

New Animals breeding with Gems bonus
More attractions that can be obtained by Coins as kidds graden , rivers or dove plaza.
Additional Nursery purchased with coins.
More animal related entertainments: animals performances, pets interactive, endanger animal saving, etc..
Game balance should be conducted more reasonablely. Highly incoming is always prefered, but the most profitable program at present is not animals but food caters. This would caused a unexpected result, a zoo filled with food store rather than animals.

Thanks in advance for your attentions.

12-16-11, 03:05 AM
My suggestion is when a habitat completed, users can earn 2 Gems. just like restaurant and bakery, farm stories.

12-16-11, 03:14 AM
Thanks Sammy. That is a wonderful idea. You must be a story serious game fans too. is ' samanthalucky' your game id. My id is : GabyKnight

12-16-11, 04:09 PM
i like both those ideas

01-02-12, 06:48 AM
I Adam guessing this zoo story will end like the first one for me. With my zoo being closed because with no way to earn gems it took ALL OF THE FUN OUT OF THE GAME...