View Full Version : After 12 Hours of Operation...

10-22-10, 06:20 AM
This is the first day where my restaurant managed to run more than 12 full hours without crashing and here's what was sold:

T-Bone Steak________2,056_____2,817
Garden Salad________2,081_____2,768
Grilled Cheese_______2,073_____1,451
French Toasts_______2,082_____1,374
Fruit Salad__________2,118_____1,334
Bacon and Eggs______2,100_____1,386
Strawberry Shortcake_2,084_____2,938
Cr?me Br?l?e_________511_____2,003 (This one became ready three-quarters of the way through the day)

Some observations:
* There doesn't seem to be a favorite dish; the game distributes the orders evenly
* Don't make stew, make Cr?me Br?l?e, it takes half the time and earns more over the 2 day period
* It's not shown here but if you want 2-day cooking time dishes, make Apple Pie or Roast Chicken instead of Stew
* It's not possible to sell just Stew/Apple Pie/Roast Chicken because to sustain the 27 thousand plates for just 12 hours daily, you'd need about 34 or more appliances depending on what your neighbors gave you
* The 38,000 coins earned isn't a maximized earning. Reducing the number and changing the combination of dishes will push up the earnings dramatically

Hee! See, there are things to do with this game other than dressing up the restaurant and cooking non-stop (I prepared all these the night before and then let the game run on "auto pilot".