View Full Version : we need gems on sale here:)

12-13-11, 06:53 AM
why gems not on sale on here bc I saw 20% off only 580 gems, it is too much and we can not afford it. I love
this story, it is so cute. Thanks

12-13-11, 07:57 AM
Yep I agree. I saw only 10% off not 20%. it's too much to buy 580 gems only 10% off:(

12-19-11, 03:39 PM
Yeah it's been a "gem sale" for awhile...10% off 580 gems. Stupid and ridiculous.

12-19-11, 03:52 PM
Agree...want 40% at christmas time so i can buy them. and please have 40% for the 24 and 50 gem packages too.