View Full Version : Cancel current breed for a new one button

12-12-11, 07:57 AM
Hi TL, is it possible to create a button for cancelling a current breed for a new one?Just like we could cancel a recipe for a new one....I have been stuck with breeding goldfish for 3 days! And no additional slots!!! (dont know what came over me that day. I saw 3 days as 3 hrs)

kooky panda
12-12-11, 08:25 AM
I will pass this along. I noticed we can cancel the cross breeding, but not the regular breeding.

01-21-12, 02:51 PM
Right; that always seemed strange to me. What I reccommend is, just this once, letting the goldfish go through (you probably already spent a good amount of time on him and you'll probably need one eventually). I have noticed this issue and so have a lot of others...