View Full Version : Kind of annoyed, well very annoyed actually

12-08-11, 10:43 PM
So after waiting months and months for a new update I come on and find that we're not getting updates just a new version.

I've spent quite a lot of money on gems to buy animals for the zoo and feel a little annoyed and ripped off that there's not going to be any new updates.

Are team lava going to refund the money people have spent on gems which are now effectively a waste of money?? Or will you replace all the gems uve spent buying stuff on zoo story 1 and transfer them to zoo story 2??

Why didn't you just update the first version??

12-08-11, 10:49 PM
I didn't see any place where TL said there weren't going to be any ZS updates. If you keep waiting, one day an update might come. I've been waiting for months and months for various updates myself. So I know how you feel.

It isn't TL's position to refund money or transfer assets to another game.

12-08-11, 11:23 PM
I dont play zoo story and I can understand the frustration....I can understand also why TL prefer to release another version of ZS rather than update the current as it may be easier that way and changing the older one may require a major overhaul...but TL should at least allow transfer of the gems to ZS 2? I dont understand why they cannot transfer the assets to another game...

12-08-11, 11:24 PM
And very likely with the new ZS2, they are most likely not even going to update ZS...so at least they should be fair to those who bought gems in ZS!

12-10-11, 05:46 AM
I agree. I waited months for an update to ZS too. I bought gems and everything, continuing to be a loyal player. I realize TL has the right to create a new game, but it is a monumental let down. I suppose the original ZS is even more irrelevant.

12-10-11, 05:52 AM
Creating the new game gave them a fresh start because to be honest, ZS didn't exactly get off to a flying start.
I'm not sure about refunds etc.

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12-10-11, 06:14 PM
I do not know if there will be any updates for Zoo Story, however, it is not possible to transfer anything from Zoo Story to Zoo Story 2.

12-10-11, 06:43 PM
I used to play zoo story till updates started for other games, so I quit ZS and kept playing FS and BS. However I can understand you being annoyed for matter of fact I'll be annoyed too if they were to release second version of any of the games that I still play. O, well that could happen so I'll consider to to waste much on any!!

12-10-11, 06:44 PM
* not to waste much on any

12-21-11, 12:43 AM
To be honest, this whole business has stopped me playing ANY TL games. Too annoyed and they are too unpredictable!