View Full Version : Feedback on Food and Deco items

10-20-10, 11:00 PM

Some wishes for improvement on the game:

1. Similar dishes to stack on one another instead of occupying a separate space.
2. Food that cooks in 30 mins. most of it is either too short or too long.
3. Variety of Deco items that is not found on Farm Story. As I'm a player for both games, it'll be nice to see a change. I'm not inclined to get those items, as I have them on my farm.


10-20-10, 11:04 PM
Hi TeamLava,

Like Farm story where we can gift our neighbours deco items, it would be great if we can have the same for Restaurant Story. Please don't duplicate items on both games, as it can be just abit way over, for fans of both.

Thank you.