View Full Version : Winter art but no catalog?

12-03-11, 05:11 AM
The winter art has shown up in the design tab on my game, but I don't have the new clothing items in my catalog or the closet. Is that typical? I usually get everything all at once. The winter art showed up about 14 hours ago. I had my device turned off overnight, and this morning there is still no new catalog in the collection when I turned it on. I play on an android phone.

Anyone else seeing the same thing?

12-03-11, 05:49 AM
Hi Mizcricket, updates are either on friday or tuesday (US time), if you did not get it today, you get it latest on tuesday. This is normal.

12-03-11, 07:29 AM
So it's possible to get part of the update on Friday and part on Tuesday?

12-03-11, 08:03 AM
The Winter Art is a limited offer.
If you didn't get the catalog that means you'll get it tuesday. :)

kooky panda
12-03-11, 08:03 AM
The limited offers are sent out randomly (winter art) and you may get this offer, but the weekly update items roll out , you should have the rest of the new items by the end of the day on Tuesday.

12-03-11, 08:34 AM
Great! Thanks for the explanations. I've always gotten the updates on Friday, and this week I got everything at once on Farm but only got the limited offer on Fashion so it was confusing! Now it makes sense!