View Full Version : missing gems

11-25-11, 09:37 AM

My stormid is lilthanais my bakerys name is liltania bakery. Im missing 10 gems this afternoon. I haven't bought anything nor used them in anything. Can anybody help me out i tried sending an email to support @teamlava and tells me error user not found.


kooky panda
11-25-11, 09:50 AM
Yes you will need to have support look into your game.
check the email address you are trying to send to. As per your post here, you have a space between support and the@.
Make your when you are typing the email address there are no spaces.

Let support know the game your storm ID and when you lost the gems.
Note: with the US holiday weekend, they will not have alot of agents working, so they may not get back to you until next week.