View Full Version : The Great Nightclub Update Date: Black Friday!

11-23-11, 06:27 PM
Well, it's almost here! The Great NS Update Date! This week is very special, as it is Thanksgiving AND Black Friday! Either way, we have some wonderful new teasers from GM, Shuffleboard and Ping-Pong!



While our games are being finished, lets talk about our hopes!

1. A new drink!
2. A wintery item!
3. A 40% Off Gem Sale to get all the LTI's!

In the mean time, let's all get ready for The Great Update Date!

11-25-11, 02:18 PM
Here are some of the new items from the new box! Anyone have a pic of the skee ball? I think that's 1st


11-26-11, 10:39 AM
Since I don't play Nightclub Story, what is the name of the new 'box' for it?